Can Crossing Your Legs Cause Bruising

Can crossing your legs cause bruisingCan crossing your legs cause bruising Chronic bruising can indicate a need for sympathetic attention, or a desire to paint oneself as a poor, defenseless victim. The base of the spine, the legs and the feet all function as a hook into this The sudden promotion of circulation in your legs may translate to a, Can Crossing Your Legs Cause Bruising. For example, a bruise can be.


Can Crossing Your Legs Cause Bruising

Can Crossing Your Legs Cause Bruising For example, a bruise can be expected after a fall. However, a bruise should not occur after sitting cross legged on the floor for too long or on the thighs after crossing the legs for a period of time. These latter scenarios are indicative of easy bruising and need to be medically investigated.

Why Do I Have Bruises On My Legs?

Bruises result from broken blood vessels that bleed into the tissue under the skin. After blood vessels break, the clots of blood remain under the skin, leaving a reddish-purple mark that the body removes through a series of chemical reactions. The bruise can be painful and cause swelling.

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Why Is Crossing Your Legs Bad For You?

People at high risk of blood clots are advised not to cross their legs for long periods of time because for them, impeding the flow of blood could increase their risk of a deep vein thrombosis. But even if crossing your legs doesn’t give you high blood pressure in the long term, what about the idea that it can give you varicose veins?

When To Seek Medical Attention For Leg Bruising?

If there is excessive swelling on your legs along with the bruising, seek immediate medical attention because you may have compartment syndrome, which requires surgical intervention to drain the excess fluids from your leg.

What Happens To Your Veins When You Cross Your Legs?

This is known as venous insufficiency. Veins become varicose when that blood gets backed up, collects, and causes bulging. Both standing and sitting for very long periods of time may increase your risk of developing varicose veins, but there’s no evidence that crossing your legs has this effect.

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    These steps can help you heal faster: Rest and elevate the injured area to prevent swelling and relieve pain. Apply ice packs for the first 24 to 48 hours after injury. Wrap the ice pack in a towel and apply ice.

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    Maybe you have a medical condition like diabetes, cellulitis or other skin conditions and are at a higher risk to get infections or need arm protectors for thin skin. If this describes you then we have the solution to your problem. BruiseStoppers can stop those scratches and bruises from ever happening as well as help existing bruises to heal.

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